BBC says there are thousands of videos on YouTube which might look like cartoons but are harmful for Children

It passes of as a normal animated cartoon for a child, but on closer inspection you would observe that ordinary video featuring a popular animated character, which has an own animated series contain disturbing and inappropriate content not suitable for children.
WE wouldn’t want to comment on the series but there are scenes depicting with uncomfortable visuals like a sinister looking dentist with an alarmingly big syringe and pulls out the characters teeth with horrifying gore and background sounds.
A Parent and a journalist who was watching it along with her child noticed this and also observed that it was painful for her three year old child to watch.
She says that the character in the cartoon was giving our horrifying images which might get instilled in her daughters mind later affecting the child in her sleep.
As it was a popular animated series, a lot of youngsters are hooked to it. There are chances that it might affect other urchins too.
This is not the only instance as per a report on BBC. BBC Trending did a thorough research on this and found out to their horror that there are hundreds of such videos of children’s cartoon characters with inappropriate themes. We would not like to directly quote names here but there are major productions where the movie albeit in animated format attracting more youngsters and kids, have content which are in truth more alike a comedies which are meant for people who are at least in their late teens and above.
Some of the videos are parodies or have such over-the-top content that they’re clearly meant for mature audiences. Others are unauthorized copies of authentic cartoons or use the characters in innocent ways – troubling to copyright lawyers perhaps, but not necessarily harmful to children.
However many both contain disturbing content and can pass for the real cartoons, particularly when viewed by children.
Indian parents should be a little observant of the content of the animated features which are watched by millions of our children to ensure that the fantasy world gives them the entertainment and not confuse their tender minds with mature content.
It is also our responsibility as animators not to have an adverse effect on children.

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